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Web Camera Pro - the smart way to keep an eye on your business or home

Computer Vision technology has transformed video surveillance in recent years, and Web Camera Pro is leading the way with its advanced intelligent surveillance system. Using state-of-the-art algorithms, Web Camera Pro can help you monitor your property or business and detect the activity that matters to you.
Track movements and detect unfamiliar faces with Web Camera Pro's powerful surveillance system

One of the key features of Web Camera Pro is its smart alerts system. The system can detect and pick out the specific activity that you are interested in, such as the arrival of an unfamiliar person or an unknown face on your property. Additionally, the system can be set up to notify you of any activity that takes place within a certain period of time, giving you the flexibility to monitor your property the way you want.

Another great feature of Web Camera Pro is its ability to organize cameras into activity zones and configure special rules for them. This means that you can set up specific zones around your property that you want to monitor more closely and receive notifications when activity occurs within those zones. You can also configure special rules for each zone, such as setting up different notification preferences for certain times of the day.

Web Camera Pro also makes it easy to track particular people appearing in a certain place and pull up specific records from your video archive. This feature is especially useful for businesses that need to track customer behavior in their stores or monitor the attendance of employees.

The intelligent surveillance system offered by Web Camera Pro is not just for businesses, but also for families. With its push notification feature, you can easily identify and receive alerts when family members, such as children, arrive home. This is a great way to monitor your children's attendance and friends without putting pressure on them.

Web Camera Pro is a powerful tool for intelligent surveillance that can help you monitor your property or business more effectively. Its advanced Computer Vision technology allows you to track movements, detect unfamiliar faces, and study customer behavior in shops. With powerful apps for any computer or mobile device, Web Camera Pro is the ideal solution for anyone looking to keep a close eye on their property, family, or business.
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