Cloud Video Surveillance

Cloud Video Surveillance emerges as a smart choice for both home and business due to its unparalleled flexibility, security, and ease of use. The cloud storage negates the need for physical storage solutions, thereby enhancing data security and reducing maintenance efforts. It enables users to monitor their premises remotely, thereby fortifying security operations with constant vigilance. The ability to easily add or remove cameras and manage them through a single, intuitive interface simplifies usage. Furthermore, the incorporation of AI technologies provides insightful analytics and automated alerts, enhancing the ability to promptly respond to potential security threats.
Reliability is paramount in video surveillance, with systems expected to operate flawlessly around the clock. Yet, due to inherent software glitches such as memory leaks, a camera might cease working after some time. In some cases, a complete software reboot is the only recourse to regain functionality.
Feedback from our users indicates that system stability and performance are top priorities. Our team is steadfastly dedicated to crafting a robust system tailored for IP cameras and video stream processing. Crafting such a universal solution, independent of specific IP camera manufacturers, is no small feat. Our prolonged update interval for SmartVision stems from our decision to overhaul the system entirely, moving away from third-party libraries like ffmpeg and VLC. Our forthcoming release will boast a proprietary video stream re-streamer and playback player.

Cloud Video Surveillance for PC

Relying on local storage alone has its risks. In case of hardware malfunctions or theft, all recorded data could be lost. Cloud storage offers a more secure and reliable backup solution. Additionally, cloud services provide the advantage of real-time monitoring and quick response mechanisms.
SmartVision offers a dynamic and cost-effective surveillance software, providing comprehensive recording capabilities from IP cameras and fostering the development of a local video archive. It not only enables users to record time-lapses and recognize faces but also adeptly addresses various issues typically encountered with traditional cloud-based surveillance solutions by allowing object detection. Cloud Video Surveillance
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