Security camera
CCTV Cameras. You can't do without cameras. There are many different types of cameras, the choice of which also depends on many factors. Analog or IP cameras are not much different from each other. Both that and others have approximately identical technical characteristics.

Depending on the location, the cameras can be indoor or outdoor. Outdoor cameras should have infrared illumination and a good margin of operating temperature. Neither heat nor severe frost should be a problem for them.

Internal cameras can be wireless. They transmit the signal via Wi-Fi. But it's important to understand that such a camera should still be plugged in, and you won't be able to do without wires at all.

In addition, the WiFi signal may be an unreliable or jammed intruder. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use wired cameras in home surveillance.

And only in extreme cases, you can install Wi-Fi cameras.

It is also useful to install cameras with a microphone in the house. Not only video but also sound will be recorded. This will provide an even more complete picture. The microphones themselves are tiny in size and barely noticeable. On some IP camera models, a microphone is already integrated.