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Cloud Video Surveillance is hailed as the ultimate security solution owing to its combination of constant connectivity, secure data storage, and advanced analytics. It allows users to remotely monitor their premises, ensuring a perpetual security presence. The encrypted cloud storage safeguards data from potential breaches and physical damage, ensuring longevity and integrity. Smart analytics, leveraging AI and ML, proactively identify and alert users to potential security issues, facilitating prompt responses. Furthermore, easy scalability and integration with various devices ensure that the surveillance system is versatile and adaptable to evolving security needs, providing a future-proof solution.
Explore the next level of surveillance with SmartVision , offering seamless IP camera recording, local video archive creation, and advanced features like object detection and facial recognition to enhance security.
Navigate through advanced video surveillance effortlessly with SmartVision , which allows efficient recording from IP cameras, local video archive creation, and enhanced security features like object detection and face recognition.

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Outdoor environments are dynamic, with constant movement of people, cars, and the presence of weather elements. Consequently, conventional systems relying on pixel change detection are prone to false alarms due to varying lighting conditions caused by clouds, the sun, and other factors. Moreover, nocturnal insects such as moths, attracted to the infrared illumination of cameras, frequently trigger false alerts, prompting users to switch their recorders to continuous recording mode.
Discover innovative video surveillance with SmartVision , a software that not only ensures smooth recording from IP cameras and local video archive creation but also offers advanced features like object detection and face recognition for enhanced security. Cloud Videosurveillance
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