At Home Video Surveillance

Setting up professional video surveillance at home has never been easier, thanks to advancements in technology. You can now purchase high-quality cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity and cloud storage. Begin by assessing the areas you want to monitor and choosing the right type of camera for each location. Installation often involves simple DIY steps, but professional installation services are also available. Dont forget to consider the legal aspects such as privacy laws in your jurisdiction. Software apps can help you live-stream the footage directly to your phone, ensuring peace of mind.
Experience advanced surveillance with SmartVision , enabling users to effortlessly record from IP cameras, while also providing innovative object detection, face recognition, and time-lapse recording features.
SmartVision emerges as a superior video surveillance solution, presenting innovative features and effectively addressing the challenges and constraints inherent in conventional video surveillance systems. This positions it as a favored option among users who prioritize efficiency, dependability, and advanced functionalities in their video surveillance applications.

At Home Video Surveillance for PC

A security camera is essentially a small microcomputer. Given this perspective, a standard mobile phone has a much more powerful processor and memory size. Therefore, by installing the RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) camera or motion detection apps on it, one can turn a smartphone into a high-quality surveillance camera.
SmartVision offers a dynamic and cost-effective surveillance software, providing comprehensive recording capabilities from IP cameras and fostering the development of a local video archive. It not only enables users to record time-lapses and recognize faces but also adeptly addresses various issues typically encountered with traditional cloud-based surveillance solutions by allowing object detection. At Home Video Surveillance
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