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Security needs are ever-evolving, and with the advent of a CCTV monitoring software that transforms your PC into a pivotal security hub, new standards are set in digital surveillance. The software isnt merely a tool but a comprehensive solution that enables real-time video streaming, motion detection alerts, video recording, and remote access, all managed effortlessly from your PC. It offers a platform where various CCTV feeds can be managed, monitored, and recorded, ensuring a centralized, secure, and easily accessible surveillance repository. With features that enable ease of use, such as a user-friendly interface, detailed user guides, and a dedicated support team, alongside advanced functionalities like cloud storage and multi-device access, the software doesnt just provide but elevates your surveillance management capabilities, ensuring your PC becomes an epitome of advanced, effective, and reliable digital security.
With SmartVision , users are not confined to accessing the video archive for any number of their cameras as the archive is stored locally on the computer. This local approach to video analytics, powered by SmartVision software, eliminates the need for additional payments. It significantly reduces the risk of data loss due to poor internet connectivity, bandwidth limitations set by Internet Service Providers (ISP), false triggers, and the high cost of services per camera.
The system considerably saves local disk and cloud space through the implementation of Artificial Intelligence technologies and by reducing the frames per second when no motion is detected in the frame. For instance, traditional systems require about 6.5 TB of disk space for creating a continuous archive for just one 1080p IP camera over a year. When this value is multiplied by the number of cameras, the equipment and cloud storage costs become substantial. SmartVision , by utilizing neural network-based object detection and time-lapse recording, can decrease the size of the video archive by hundreds of times.

Cctv Monitoring Software Free Download for PC

For homeowners with pets, indoor camera software often picks up the movements of their furry friends. While these movements can be mistaken for intruders, leading to false alarms, advanced software solutions have been developed to distinguish between pets and potential threats. This distinction ensures that pet owners receive genuine alerts rather than being notified every time their cat or dog decides to move around the house.
Standard cloud services often suffer from substantial drawbacks such as expensive services calculated per camera and limited duration of video data storage. SmartVision , in conjunction with Video Surveillance Cloud, provides a solution to many of these problems, offering users unrestricted access to their video archive for any number of their cameras and local video analytics without additional charges. Cctv Monitoring Software Free Download
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